The largest vertically integrated
veal & lamb company in North America

The Fontelli Food Group is a family owned and operated international organization that offers a broad range of products—from the finest quality feed to responsible farming of many varieties of veal and lamb that are marketed through the finest retail and food service distributors in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and other destinations.

Fontelli includes Delimax, an integrated farming operation in Quebec, and three state-of-the-art, SQF certified veal and lamb processing facilities that operate under the brands Catelli Brothers in the U.S., and Montpak International in Canada.

Our philosophy is simple: by carefully controlling and integrating each stage in the production process we are able to continually offer consumers safe, nutritious and tasty quality products.

It all starts with Delimax where we produce our own milk replacer formula for milk-fed veal, as well as grain for grain-fed veal.


Our livestock producers and technicians have the knowledge and tools to provide animals with optimal care in untethered group housing.

Our SQF certified veal and lamb abattoir—North America’s largest—has been designed using guidelines created by Dr. Temple Grandin, a world-recognized authority on humane animal handling. We are the only veal organization using Arrowsight 24/7 third party video monitoring of all our livestock handling.

Each of the operating companies has a long history in the food industry and share a dedication to quality and service that has earned us a reputation for the highest food safety and traceability standards.

The Fontelli Food Group provides both our retail and food service industry partners with premium quality products at competitive prices under many different brand names, including Catelli Brothers, Montpak, Italian Bistro, Summit Ridge, and Lido.

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